Manufacturing Optimization

Optimizing your product for manufacturing will save you real money. With electronic devices this does not only include the cost of the bill of material, it also is about the manufacturing and testing cost itself. Manufacturing optimization does not just take care about BOM cost. It includes all parts of the manufacturing process of a product.

Simplifying a design by using resistor arrays instead of single devices, can bring down component count dramatically. Saving pick and place time makes the production faster and cheaper. Lower component count results in a better yield.

Taking care about placement alignment and direction for diodes or capacitors will ease optical inspection, resulting in lower test cost.

The above two simple examples can be applied to any design, while other more sophisticated optimization methods are available on a design by design basis.

One other important issue with optimization is the selected pad geometry. With smaller footprints and the need for lead free production, pad geometry becomes one of the most important topics in the production process. Selecting the matching pad geometry’s improves the product for thermal cycles and helps to extent the overall lifetime period. Thus minimizing warranty and service cost is an other result of manufacturing optimization.

In close relation with our manufacturing partner DCE Computer we provide you with the information needed to optimize our product. The process of  manufacturing optimization as also available as a full service.