3D print rapid prototyping

Leveraging our years of experience in prototyping, we have added a 3D printing capability to our portfolio of services. We have selected the open source Ultimaker 2 printer. With the Ultimaker 2 we can achieve a print speed of up to 300mm/s with 0.02mm layer resolution, the highest speed and accuracy possible on any desktop 3D printer in today's market. Our Rapid Prototyping capability allows us to identify early in the design process any potential problems or weaknesses in a planned product.

Iterative modifications can be made quickly, providing faster time to market solutions for our customers. Depending on the application, the ideal material suitable for the required task can be selected. The low cost open filament system materials available include PLA (polylactide) and ABS plastics. These materials scale in durability and come in a variety of colors. We can choose or change any filament type in the course of prototyping. The growing open source community building around Ultimaker 3D printers should be considered a virtue. There is a constant "quality assurance" process ongoing insuring that the printers are as functional and efficient as possible.