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Pegasos Specifications

Developing the PEGASOS platform bplan GmbH of Germany brings PowerPC® performance to Power Users!
By using a modular system design, the...

First Pegasos Hardware

bplan GmbH announces that the first PEGASOS prototypes are now available. The current prototypes will be used...

Pictures of Pegasos Mainboard

After successfully completing our internal hardware tests, LinuxPPC was booted as the first supported OS. The short time frame needed by this task...

Pegasos meets MorphOS

In compliance with our development schedule, the PEGASOS system officially offers a second operating system...

Pegasos Presentation

The Pegasos system will be presented to the public at the Cologne based Amiga 2001 event. Besides of the...

bplan at 3sat (German TV)

The bplan GmbH would like to inform you about the Computer Magazine taking place on the 27th of may at 9.30 pm.

3sat TV show update

bplan regrets to inform you that the television report scheduled for May 27th at 9:30 pm...

Amiga Award 2002

At the ARC 2002 show, bplan GmbH won the Amiga Award 2002. The award was presented by Nico Barbat ( Amiga Plus ) as the representer of Falke Media...

bplan at NBC Giga

bplan GmbH would like to inform you about the upcoming event taking place on the 7th of August at 9.00 pm GMT+1 on NBC GIGA.

Outtake Album bplan GmbH

As Christmas gift for this year, we would like to present you some never before published pictures from our so-called 'Outtakes' album.

Pegasos 2 ART Gallery

Click on any of the images below to see them in full size.

Pegasos Acryl Showcase

The shown case does not fulfill the FCC standards and is only used by bplan for presentation purposes.

Flash Update for Pegasos II

Please take special note that this update is only for Pegasos II mainboards.

SNDF Dallas 26-29 April 2004

A detailed report about the Smart Networks Developer Forum event can be found at the following web page...

How to build the machine

We would like to thank you for giving your confidence in us and our products during the past year. After more than...

Let it Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we have no...

How to build the machine RELOADED

We would like use the upcoming holidays as an opportunity to thank you for your confidence in us and our products during the past year. This year's...

World Vision EFIKA charity

Different to last year we would like to use our Christmas gift this year to help other people. Far away from all computer stuff and the industry...

Linux Support TMPA910

For Toshibas latest 32-bit- microprocessor TMPA910CRAXBG bplan GmbH provides a complete linux development environment free of charge....

Website relaunch

Reference list added.

New references

Reference list update.

Rapid Prototyping

Leveraging our years of experience in prototyping, we have added state of the art 3D printing capability to our product portfolio of services.

New references

Reference list update.

IoT Designs and more

Current focus is on IoT designs based on Freescale / NXP K10. More informations about current projects on request.


A self-printing breathing mask for owners of a 3D printer!
With instructions and printing data. For you and for others!