First Pegasos Hardware

bplan GmbH announces that the first PEGASOS prototypes are now available. The current prototypes will be used for internal testing and verification of system software, and are not to be released publicly.

The first public demonstration of the system is scheduled as early as 10 weeks from now. Around the same time period, developer machines will be available to interested software developers. In the board's current stage Linux and MorphOS will be the first supported operating systems.

This is the first time ever a system vendor has released a hardware platform that combines the advantages of Linux as a open system and the option of running the existing Amiga® software (via MorphOS) on one machine. By the use of MorphOS Amiga® programs will be able to be run in a full native PowerPC® environment.

With the opportunities of both operating systems (Linux/MorphOS) the PEGASOS system will deliver unique desktop computing power to the user and developer alike.