Developing the PEGASOS platform bplan GmbH of Germany brings PowerPC® performance to Power Users!

By using a modular system design, the mainboard can be easily upgraded to fit the varying needs and demands of today. With well-accepted standard interfaces already integrated into the PEGASOS mainboard, users will be able to easily connect standard components (such as hard drives or CD-Rom drives ) and a wide range of high-end devices such as digital video cameras to the system.

While PEGASOS itself is widely scalable to the users' needs, it is an easy task for retailers or OEM partners to configure the system according to their specific demands. By hitting the best price/performance point for the selected configuration, systems with one CPU (at entry level) up to multi-processor G4 based cluster computers can be build using the same base hardware.

PEGASOS II series specification :

microATX Mainboard 236mm x 172mm (9.3" x 6.8")

133 MHz Processor Slot
Optional with 600 MHz G3 PowerPC® / 256k Cache
up to Dual MPC 74xx G4 PowerPC® at state of the art speedgrades

PC2100 DDR266 184 pin memory for a total of 2 modules
maximum 2GB extension 

AGP Slot
user selectable graphics card

PCI Subsystem
with a total of 3 slots to be used for custom expansion
includes one slot for optional Riser Card

IEEE1394 VIA VT6306
at 100/200/400 MBit Transfer rates
with three ports

10/100/1000 MBit Network
Marvell Discovery II & Marvell 88E1111

10/100 MBit Network
 Realtek 8201 Phyceiver

USB I/O System
VIA 8231
with a total of 4 ports

AC97 Sound Subsystem
Sigmatel STAC 9766 Codec
with Mic. In, Line In/Out
and Headset support
optical S/PDIF output

for comunication with PDAs and other IRDA devices

VIA 8231
with up to 4 devices
for PS2 compatible keyboards

for PS2 compatible pointing devices

one channel RS232

standard Centronics


to be used with PC style joysticks/gamepads