Pegasos meets MorphOS

In compliance with our development schedule, the PEGASOS system officially offers a second operating system platform as of today. In addition to Linux which was fully ported by the second quarter of this year, MorphOS ow also supports the development systems to its full extent.

The modern concept of a slim micro kernel system combines perfectly with the innovative hardware of the PEGASOS systems. The outstanding scalability of this combination allows users to fully and transparently carry out their applications from single processor machines up to multi processor cluster systems.

Besides safety of investment, this enables the simple and easy adaption of the used hardware to desired system requirements with regard to performance and costs of purchase as well as operating.

As an additional feature, MorphOS includes a highly optimized Motorola® 680xx emulator which allows full usage of the actual programs of this widespread family of microprocessors. With this technology, the achieved speed exceeds the capability of the native 680xx systems by a multitude of times. With the integrated mixed-mode ability, developers are enabled to port there applications step by step - for example in performance-critical areas - to Power PC® native code. This goes ways beyond the capabilities of a standard emulation system and is a superior solution even to strongly optimized, but pure JIT Compilers.