Pegasos Presentation

The Pegasos system will be presented to the public at the Cologne based Amiga 2001 event. Besides of the presentation of our innovating hardware, our main show efforts will be focused on software and system expandability.

In the software field, the user gets an extensive overview on the capacities and efficiency of the MorphOS environment. The perfectly smooth integration of current Motorola® 680xx applications and native PowerPC® programs paired with total transparency for the user is only one among many outstanding features of MorphOS.

In combination with the extraordinary extension capabilities of the Pegasos system due to its support of standard PCI cards, users will already be able to take a look at the wide spectrum of supported hardware at the upcoming fair. Besides of a variety of graphic cards of the manufacturers S3®, SIS®, 3DLabs® and 3Dfx®, tv and network cards will round up the selection of available hardware.

We at bplan GmbH would like to hereby invite you to visit the Amiga 2001 in Cologne. Our team is looking forward to your vivid interest and will be proud to be able to present you the Pegasos system, an innovation in the fields of personal computing.