Specifications Efika System on Chip mainboard

System on Chip  ( SoC ) mainboard which measures 118mm x 153mm x 38mm (when using an installed optional 90 degrees AGP adapter device)

Freescale MPC5200B PowerPC SoC 400MHz
    32 Bit PowerPC including FPU
    603e Prozzesor core ( e300 )
    Dhrystone 2.1, 760 MIPS

    128MB DDR RAM 266MHz
    other configurations from 32MB up to 512MB are available on

44-pin IDE Connector
    2mm 90 degrees connector for operation with a 2.5inch
    notebook hard disk

10/100Mbit/s Ethernet
    Realtek 8201 Phyceiver

2xUSB Ports
    1.1 automatic high speed/ low speed recognition

1xRS232 Serial Port

AC97 Stereo Audio Out, Microphone & Line Input
    Sigmatel STAC 9766 Codec
    with Microphone In, Line In/Out
    and Headset Out
    optical S/PDIF output connector

    for communication via infrared
    with speeds from 2400 bps up to 4 Mbps

PCI Slot
    33MHz and 66MHz PCI 2.2 compatible
    with optional AGP Slot (90 degrees)

RTC clock
    System management Power on/off